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The two-year break in schooling has caused issues in your children. Work with me to find solutions to issues such as:

✓ Social anxiety

✓ Difficulty in coping with class curricula

✓ Shortened attention spans

✓ Social media addiction

✓ Eating disorders, etc.

This Course is For:

Educators and School counsellors, parents with school-going children who have been studying online and are returning to school after two years.

What You Will Learn

✓ Understanding issues your children may face during this transition

✓ Recognizing the early warning signs of possible problems.

✓ The importance of mental and physical health in your child’s overall development

✓ Techniques to cope and help your children get over issues.

✓ When to seek professional help




Lamia Bagasrawala

(Psychotherapist, Independent Researcher, and Education Facilitator)

Lamia Bagasrawala is a psychotherapist. An education facilitator who has written articles on mental health in adolescents, schools, and communities.

Lamia studied at Jai Hind College and TATA Institute of Social Studies and worked with the Azim Premji Foundation, TARSHIs, Menstrupedia, and The Swaddle. She practices in Mumbai and has partnered with USchool to use her knowledge and expertise to help parents and children cope with issues faced by being home for two years and returning to school after two years.

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