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About Sex

Pallavi Barnwal

In this program you will have an open discussion on sexuality, bust common sexual myths, share real-life examples, and learn tools and techniques to live a sexually happy and healthy life.

Definition of Sex



Sexual Myths

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Non-traditional Relationships



Who want to know more about sex and intimacy at a broad level.

Who are facing issues in their sexual and intimate lives.

Who want to understand their sexuality and sexual orientation.

Who want to up their dating game and find their significant other.

Who want to understand the concept of boundaries and consensual sex.

Who want to make and keep their partners / spouses satisfied.

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You Will

  • Standard and limiting definitions of sex and why we should look beyond
  • All about dating in the age of social media. How to make sure that the first date is not the last.
  • Dating do’s and don’ts
  • The concept of consent and why it is important
  • Sexual myths and the damage they can cause to your sex life
  • Non-traditional relationships
  • Non-penetrative pleasure

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Pallavi Barnwal is India’s leading intimacy and sexuality coach. She has been a pioneer in destigmatizing and normalizing conversations around sexual pleasure. She has been extensively featured in media such as Vice, Vogue, Huffington Post, BBC, Times of India, The Hindu, GQ, and the Indian Express.

She has counseled thousands of couples and helped them overcome their sexual inhibitions and problems regarding intimacy. As many of her clients say ‘Pallavi has changed’ our life.

She has just recently been the recipient of a USAID grant for her path-breaking work regarding sexuality and intimacy. She conducts a number of live workshops all over the country and also does one-to-one counseling.

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1. Definition of Sex

2. Dating

3. Consent

4. Sexual Myths

5. Non-traditional relationships

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Is this program suitable for children?

No, this program is meant for adults 18 years and above.

Will this program cure my sexual problems?

No, this program will give a general direction and tell you when you should seek professional help.

How many modules are in the program?

The program has 5 modules with about 95 minutes of HD video.

Is there a refund?

No. You can watch a preview before deciding to buy the program.

How do I pay?

You can pay using all electronic means of payment via our Razorpay payment gateway.

Is there any downloadable material?

Yes, there are resources that can be downloaded in PDF format.

BUY NOW ₹ 799/-


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